Beeswax Wrap - Lemons! Pattern in "The Worker Bee"

Beeswax Wrap - Lemons! Pattern in "The Worker Bee"

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Get Plastic Out of Your Life

Plastics and their ingredients are pervading our oceans and waterways, invading the bodies of humans and wildlife, and filling landfills.  

Includes: 5 Small Wraps (7"x7") Sweetly seal your food and keep it fresh for longer. A natural solution to food waste and plastic pollution. Plastic-free | Washable | Compostable. Our versatile, plastic-free wraps are easily shaped around a piece of food by the heat of your hands and can be washed and stored for multiple uses. The wrap will stick to itself, create a seal to keep your food nice and fresh. Materials: Our beeswax food wraps are individually handmade in Canada by infusing 100% organic cotton cloth printed using low impact dyes, with pure Canadian beeswax; food-grade pine tree resin (sourced from a family-owned agribusiness where sustainable forest practices are used) and organic jojoba oil. Care Instructions: Wash in cold water. Use mild soap as needed. Air dry, fold or roll and store in your drawer for multiple uses (or place in a basket on your countertop so you don’t forget about them!). Reuse.

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