Benedetta Ombra Del Sole Defense & Repair Creme

Benedetta Ombra Del Sole Defense & Repair Creme

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Defense & Repair Crème- Step 3 is a full spectrum antioxidant treatment designed to fight free radical damage caused by atmospheric stress and manmade chemicals. Without artificial SPF’s, synthetic chemicals, or pharmaceuticals, this 100% botanical, nutrient-rich Defense & Repair Crème stimulates the skin’s natural ability to truly protect the skin, making it stronger and healthier as a result.

As with all of Benedetta's products, the Defense & Repair Crème is made with 100% botanical ingredients and is void of chemical SPFs, making it a reef safe product. Use the Defense & Repair products under your chemical free mineral block to protect your skin when in the sun or ocean for prolonged periods of time.

Caution: The Ombra Del Sole Series is void of chemical SPF’s. Defense & Repair Crème is not a sunblock. When in the sun for a prolonged period of time, use under a chemical free, zinc oxide mineral block to prevent burning and Protect at the core level.

2.7oz | 80ml

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