Bohemia Wellness Cupcake Mask
Cotton Bohemia Wellness Cupcake Mask

Bohemia Wellness Cupcake Mask

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100% Cotton Face Mask
Washable Reusable
Triple Layers
Lined with Polypropylene
( this is what is used on N95)
Made In USA
One Size
Fabric Imported
Masks are not intended for medical use. 
Polypropylene masks should be washed in cold or warm soapy water and hang to dry, or VERY LOW dryer heat. Polypropylene, being a plastic polymer, has a low melting point and care should be taken to keep the material away from high heat or open flames. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets or put in the dryer with heat. For best results, wash in cold, or warm water and hang to dry.

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