AR Virtual Try On

AR Virtual Try On coming SOON!   Just turn your screen into a virtual mirror online, in real-time, via webcam. When searching for the perfect new pair of glasses, you can virtually try on frames as if they’re in front of a regular mirror. You will have the opportunity to explore near-unlimited options before making a choice. Your image is either streamed via webcam, or from an uploaded photo.   Bohemia’s exclusive virtual reality technology will help to make your  online experience more real-life and fun.

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The Excitement of Linen

Did you know that linen is scientifically proven to be a cooler material than cotton and silk? Apparently because linen has a higher moisture absorbency and stiffness to the material, it doesn't stick to your skin like cotton would when you perspire. It flows and it billows leaving you feeling unbelievably cool. I didn't know that, but now I do. And I'm excited because warm weather is always a teaser for Southern California. A great linen top will be so cool, not just literally!

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Officially Spring

It is officially spring time in Southern California. There is light rain. There is wind. There are blue skies. All the big and little flowers are blooming, with our favorites being the succulents blooming down by the beach. Who knew succulents had flowers? The air is crisp and clean by the beach, always. A new season for renewal of the mind, body and spirit.           

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